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Opel electric vehicles

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Leasing an electric car

Leasing a car has several advantages over buying one. Manageable monthly rates allow you to budget, while also allowing you to exchange your car for a new model every xxx to xxxx years. Often, leasing is available without a deposit, avoiding the need for a large initial investment. And when it comes to electric cars, leasing makes a lot of sense, because it allows you to always be up to date with the latest technical electric mobility developments.
Leasing for private buyers
Private buyers enjoy special conditions for electric car leasing. Thanks to flexible instalments, monthly payments are manageable -  and can be adapted to the available budget. The leasing contracts for our Opel private customers have a minimum term of XXX months. Opel Bank offers private leasing solutions with a range of individual financing options, plus the option of added peace of mind - insurance to cover unforeseen events. These include lease and contract hire gap insurance and comprehensive vehicle insurance. 
Leasing for business customers
Businesses with a fleet of up to 49 vehicles can use our commercial products to lease emission-free electric cars. We offer special conditions with a minimum term of 24 months, optionally without down payment, as well as mileage-based leasing offers. Warranty extensions, Europe-wide mobile service, inspections and spare parts can be added to our service package options. There's also a range of accessories tailored to help your business, such as loading space trays, special clothes hangers, or holders for laptops or iPads. 

Lease or buy?

Compare the adVantages of these forms of financing with outright purchase

If you decide to lease a car, you can enjoy a high-quality vehicle at relatively low monthly rates. Short contract periods allow the lessee to always be on the road with the latest technology. There are two additional advantages with commercial leasing. One key beneift is the tax deduction of the leasing instalment. If your commercially leased vehicle is a 100% electric car that is also used privately, this private use is only taxed at a rate of 0.25% on the tax base.
As the person leasing an Opel vehicle, you'll be driving a state-of-the-art vehicle and can therefore take advantage of the latest developments, e.g. in battery technology and range
Thanks to short leasing contracts, the vehicle can be exchanged for a more up-to-date model every two to three years, depending on your lease agreement
Relatively low leasing rates make it possible to choose a model with more options and equipment
Favourable leasing offers for low-mileage drivers
For commercial leasing (incl. self-employed and freelancers) the leasing rate is often tax deductible 
In the case of commercial leasing, private use of the vehicle is taxed at only 0.25% of the tax base
Temporary exemption from vehicle tax
State innovation premium (until 12/2021) and environmental premium as support
Additional funding is sometimes offered by individual local authorities.
When buying a car, it's a good idea to take out a loan to finance the purchase price of the vehicle. The loan can be repaid in monthly instalments over a period of usually up to six years, making a large initial investment unnecessary. Although you only become the legal owner after the loan has been repaid in full, you can already use the vehicle without restrictions while paying it off -  and you can decide independently on maintenance measures. The purchase of electric cars is financially supported in this way. In addition to an exemption from vehicle tax, the buyer benefits from government-sponsored environmental and innovation bonuses. In addition, many local authorities offer further individual subsidies and incentives.
Purchase of a vehicle is possible even if you don't have the financial means to buy the car outright in one go
Once the loan has been repayed in full, the vehicle becomes the property of the borrower
The loan can be repaid over a longer period (usually three to six years)
If it is an annuity loan, there is no need to pay a high final instalment
The vehicle can be used as much as you like. There is no mileage limit
There are no regulations concerning the maintenance of the vehicle
Temporary exemption from vehicle tax
State innovation premium (until 12/2021) and environmental premium as support
Additional funding is sometimes offered by individual local authorities.

Want more information about leasing?

Battery rental
With Opel leasing offers, the battery is already included in the leasing price and there are no additional battery fees. 
If the car is purchased after the leasing contract expires, the battery is also purchased and a battery certificate is issued. The certificate is an integral part of the resale value of the car. Our batteries have a guarantee of 8 years or 160,000 km for at least 70% of the original charge capacity after this time or distance.
Leasing 101
With leasing, the lessor (manufacturer, dealer, private person) gives you (the lessee) a vehicle for a certain period (term). You pay a monthly rental fee. 
Depending on the type of leasing chosen, this vehicle can be used commercially and/or privately by you. The monthly leasing instalment for the use of the vehicle is made up of the user fee and interest. In order to keep this as low as possible, a special payment can be made when the contract is concluded. At the end of the contract period the car is returned to the lessor.
Getting started with leasing

1) Choose your vehicle

  • New cars: Configure or select from the dealer or online
  • Used cars: select from the dealer or online

2) Specify :

  • Contract period
  • Mileage
  • Special payment
  • Booking of possible additional service options


3) Conclusion of the leasing contract and start of the term


4) Return of the vehicle at the end of the term


5) Possible leasing of a new vehicle 

Opel electric vehicles

Our e-range

Buy or lease the powerful Opel Corsa-e. A small car with a voluminous interior and convincing equipment that guarantees driving pleasure. 
Private leasing offer Business leasing offer More about this model
Let the new Mokka-e, our first purely electric SUV, inspire you. Swift and agile on the road, full of surprising details and with an innovative design - check out the front "Vizor" - the Mokka-e is ready for any adventure. 
Private leasing offer Business leasing offer More about this model
Flexibility is a key feature of the Vivaro-e. Available in 3 size and equipment variants, the Vivaro-e stands out for reliability and low operating costs - and as the ideal partner for your business. 
Private leasing offer Business leasing offer More about this model
Zafira-e Life
Discover the new Zafira-e, our luxurious and comfortable spacious car. Flexibly choose the right size (S, M, L) and interior equipment for your family or business. 
Private leasing offer Business leasing offer More about this model

Test drive the electric vehicle of your choicel

The following advantages of an electric car guarantee special driving pleasure:

  • Instant torque when accelerating from a standstill
  • Silent driving
  • Excellent road holding, especially when cornering

Leasing offers

We offer favourable leasing promotions for our Opel electric cars. Different leasing variants are taken into account, as well as the option of leasing without down payment. The term and monthly instalment can be adjusted for these leasing deals according to your needs and budget. Toon Meer Toon Minder

Electric car & leasing FAQ

How do i get the most of out of my Opel electric car range?

Some of the key factors that influence the range of an Opel electric car are driving style (speed and acceleration), extra weight (remove unnecessary load) and tyre pressure (never drive with insufficient tyre pressure). The use of heating and air conditioning as well as track conditions also have an influence.

How long does an Opel electric car battery last?

All Opel electric car batteries come with with a battery warranty of 8 years, or 160,000 km.

Which batteries does Opel use in its electric cars?

All Opel electric cars are equipped with the latest lithium-ion technology batteries. The excelent range is due to their compact size (which allows more battey space to fit in the car) and the chemical structure of lithium-ion, which increases heat resistance. 

Do Opel electric car batteries need to be maintained?

No maintenance is required from the vehicle owner. If the electric vehicle is serviced by an Opel partner, they will check the battery, the charging connection, the chargers and all cable connections. Opel also provides an official battery certificate that confirms the maximum capacity of the battery (i.e. how much energy it can still hold). This certificate is an integral part of the car's resale value.

What's the quickest way of charging my Opel electric car?

The fastest charging option is a DC quick charging station - usually found at highway service stations. The alternating current from the mains has already been converted into direct current, which can be fed directly into the battery. The quick charging station offers a time-saving and easy way of charging, especially when you are on the move.

Can i charge my Opel electric car at home?

When charging an electric car using a household socket, the alternating current is converted to direct current directly in the vehicle, but this takes time. You can speed up the process by installing an AC wallbox. This makes recharging faster than with a normal household socket, as the wallbox has a higher energy transfer rate (up to 11 kW).

What are the financial advantages of an electric car?

Thanks to tax relief, reduced insurance costs and low maintenance costs, you benefit from low operating costs. State subsidies make the purchase easier. In addition, you can enjoy partial exemption from parking fees and special parking spaces for electric cars.

How environmentally friendly is an Opel electric car?

Thanks to their electric motors, Opel's electric cars are locally emission-free, quiet, efficient and require little maintenance. As electric vehicles, they use resources more efficiently than cars with combustion engines. In addition, a large part of the electricity required comes from renewable energies.

What does range mean for Opel electric cars?

The electric range indicates how far you can drive your Opel electric car with a single charge. Depending on various factors (speed, driving style etc.) this range can be several hundred kilometres.

What does Opel do with faulty batteries?

Defective batteries are either replaced or reconditioned depending on the degree of repair. Opel strives to overhaul batteries as often as possible to keep their environmental/CO2 footprint to a minimum.

How much does a Corsa-e cost?

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What's the range for the Corsa-e?

The new Opel Corsa-e offers an impressive range of up to 337 km (WLTP)* without recharging.

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