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The new Rocks Electric


Your design statement
Compact on the outside, clever on the inside - the new Rocks Electric makes a confident design statement that will turns heads. 
Unique and mischievous
The iconic Opel Vizor at the front, dominant front and  rear lights and doors that open in opposite directions. Whichever way you look at it, the new Rocks Electric stands out from the crowd. 
Perfectly formed

For some, it's just a wheeltrim1. For you, it's a stylish way to round off the Rocks Electric's bold design.


1 Depending on the model chosen.

A panoramic view
The panoramic glass roof not only looks good. It lets the light flood in so you feel great when you're out on the road. 
See and be seen
The Rocks Electric's modern LED headlights not only improve your nightime vision but it's easier for others to see you too.


Room for two side by side
A comfortable driving position and plenty of passenger room right next to you. All you have to do is decide who to take with you.  
It's compact. but don't let that fool you.
It might look compact from the outside: but inside the Rocks Electric offers enough headroom for you and your tallest of friends. 
A perfect all-round view
In the Rocks Electric there's a perfect all-round view for maximum visibility.  So you'll be relaxed and confident driving through the busy city traffic. 
Everything to hand
It's easy to relax in the new Rocks Electric.  Smart and simple controls for the heating with all the essential driving info displayed clearly, right in front of you. 
Practical storage
Thanks to practical dashboard storage, it's easy to keep things neat and tidy in the new Rocks Electric. 
Space when you need it
There's plenty of space for a small travel case in the footwell under the dashboard. 


Turn it up wherever you like

With the Bluetooth Speaker1, you be able to play your favourite tracks when you're out and about and then take it out to party outside.


1 Optional at extra cost from the Opel Lifestyle Shop.

Always stay in touch
Fix your smartphone in the holder and connect it to the USB port. Then it's perfectly in-view and always fully-charged. 
Connect with the rocks electric
You can also connect directly to your Rocks Electric via the MyOpel app to access lots of useful live information. For example, remaining charge time, battery capacity, mileage or when the next service is due. 

Compact and agile

Get in
The Rocks Electric doors open in opposite directions; the passenger door opens in the normal way, while the driver's door has the hinge at the back. So you exit to the front - how cool is that? 
Switch  it on
Take your seat, select drive at the touch of a button - and the Rocks Electric automatically shifts for you. 
Easy to park. fun to drive
Super compact at only 2.41 metres long and 1.39 metres wide (excluding exterior mirrors) with a turning circle of only 7.20 metres. So not only is it simple to park in the tighest of spaces, the Rocks Electric is also super agile and fun to drive through those tight city roads. 

Easy to charge

Charging made simple
You don't need a special charging station for the Rocks Electric. A normal power socket is all you need to fully charge the City Run-about in just 3.5 hours. That doesn't just sound easy. It is. 
This will get you further

With a range of up to 75 km1, not only can you get to school and back - but then straight out to training, friends or the nearest drive-in.


1 The stated - provisional - range was determined using the WLTP+ test procedures (Regulation (EC) No. 715/2007 and Regulation (EU) No. 2017/1151). The actual range may vary under everyday conditions and depends on various factors, in particular personal driving style, route conditions, outside temperature and use of heating.

Always ready 
With the charging cable cleverly integrated within the passenger door pillar, the Rocks Electric is always ready.  And, with a simple charge level display, it's easy to keep a close eye on the remaining energy. 

Opel+  accessories

Get the best for yourself

Why not customise your Rocks Electric to suit your own personal style -  discover the complete range of Rocks Electric accessories here:

Please note: accessories illustrated may differ from the actual product. Please consult your Rocks Electric dealer for final details.

Du kannst nicht genug bekommen?

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